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From our yearbook in 1976
Where did Dan Lessing find this???? (last update was 9/4/2006)
Were we really that young!?!?!?! (last update was 10/10/2006)
Evidence of the reunion...(last update was 10/30/2006)
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NEW: 2008 Youth Council Photos (10/19/2008)
Newly captioned (10/27/2008)
50th Bday bash newsletter (12/16/2008)
50th Bday bash pix from Sue C. (10/21/2008)
Where did all the glasses come from?
More 50th Bday bash pictures (10/26/2008)
David Baur and Family...
Pensacola Beach, Florida summer of 2008 as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.
Brad age 18, Elizabeth age 21, David, Pam, and Alan age 13.
Mark Bingham, Steve Arasim and Annette
Some of the women of the class of 1976 during an earlier get together.
Sue Earle and Nora Balaban walk through the storm damage the day of
the 30th reunion.
Yet More 50th Bday bash pictures (10/30/2008)
funny pix (10/31/2008)
New Alumni updates (11/9/2008)
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