Bob Stephanic lives in Carmel, NY with his wife
Diane, daughter Lyndsey, 2 mini Dachshunds and 3
Siamese cats. The photo of is (l-r) Diane, Lindsay,
Bob, and friend Vicky, at a car show on Glenn Island in
New Rochelle.
Meg Brazil Kelly: I am a Family Nurse Practitioner in rural NH .Our
home is in the woods of North Pack mountain. My special interest is
in mind/body medicine . Tom and I are heading towards our 25th
anniversary. 2 girls, Mary Kate is 15 and  Eileen is 14 .In my free time
I am an avid knitter. I teach knitting as well as act as a resource for
others .I live in a petting zoo -- 2 elderly guinea pigs and 2 rabbits,
though I am entertaining a hobby farm one day.
Lisa Fell Labella: I live in Trumbull, CT, have lived
here for 10 years and really enjoy it.  I've been
married to Dan for 17 years and have 2 kids, Katie
is 16 and John is 13.  We have two dogs and one
cat.  I  just started work at the Bridgeport Regional
Business Council running their  leadership
program for local community corporations and non-
profits; I also work with their Women’s Leadership
Council, and do some government relations work
(aka lobbying).